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Tutorfair On-Demand

Tutorfair On-Demand is a revolutionary new platform that delivers free 1-to-1 Maths tuition to students who need it most. Simply log in, type a question and connect to a tutor during our opening hours.

Why Tutorfair On-Demand?

Tutorfair On-Demand is an educational lifeline for students without access to the help they need. It is a web-app which gives access to a private tutor for free, from any connected device using a revolutionary combination of the latest technologies.

We work with schools to ensure that their students have access to support and we can work out the impact on grades. The platform is open after school each day, exactly when they need it: when they’re at home, studying without being able to ask for help from their teachers.

1-to-1 learning through Tutorfair On-Demand gives students a safe space to ask any question, at any time. Teachers are kept in the loop automatically; they can see all the questions and answers but do not have to do anything apart from sign-up their pupils.


How it Works

  1. Log into Tutorfair On-Demand

  2. Ask Your Question

  3. Connect to a Tutor

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The Story of Tutorfair On-Demand

In 2018, almost 1 in 3 students who took Maths GCSE did not achieve a pass mark of 4 (29%). For pupil premium students, 40% did not pass (see here p.6). Without GCSE Maths, students cannot progress to Sixth Form studies or complete most apprenticeships. Failing Maths literally closes doors for more than a hundred thousand students every year.

Studies show that tutoring is one of the most effective forms of education. At Tutorfair, although we have hundreds of volunteers tutors who are able, willing and trained to help, schools still have trouble finding opportunities that suit both the tutors and students.

According to OFCOM, children and teens prefer to communicate primarily using text-based services such as text messages and chats. Tutorfair On-Demand’s is designed to deliver effective and high-quality 1-to-1 tuition to students via text on their phones, using their preferred method of communication.

We believe that we can make a difference if we can just connect the right people together, and with the right help almost everyone can achieve a pass in GCSE Maths.

Tech For Good

The On-Demand platform is a revolutionary combination of the latest technologies. It was built specially for us by using Meteor and Node.JS to give instant response from all phones, tablets and desktops. The platform includes an (almost) fully online system to onboard, screen and train volunteer tutors. Safeguarding functions have been built in since there are under-18s on the platform. And there is an interface for class teachers to be kept in the loop.

Facebook were so excited by this application of tech they included us in their Tech For Good programme. The Tutorfair marketplace helps us recruit great tutors; volunteers love the flexibility of working with On-Demand. Google kindly supports us to draw in new volunteers.


Our Vision

Supported by Nesta and DCMS, Tutorfair’s On-Demand platform was piloted from 2017-8. The highlights of the pilot study were:

• Built the system on time, within budget
• Recruited 364 qualified tutors
• 472 students from 32 schools used it
• 56% of users were female students

Studies from our impact report in 2017-8 showed a grade improvement of 0.35 in students who used the app more than five times.

Our vision for the next two years is to:

1. Scale-up to prove the effectiveness via a full-scale impact assessment in 2021
2. Extend from Maths to other sciences