“It’s been incredibly useful for [our students] to have the opportunity to ask those ‘stupid’ questions that they might not feel able to ask at school. It’s also great to read their transcripts.

“I’ve seen how brilliant the tutors have been at diagnosing the issue and taking it right back to basics where necessary.”

- Teacher at Partner School

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“The skills [On-Demand] teaches you will help in your general tutoring... It’s flexible and for brief bits of time, so it’s easy to fit around your schedule.”

- On-Demand Tutor

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“Before using On-Demand, I found maths quite challenging... Since using the platform, I have furthered my understanding of the topics I was struggling with.

“I have used it regularly because [my tutor] was always available, and every time I had spoken to him I learnt something new.”

- Student User

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