About the Tutorfair Foundation

Our vision is that one day every student will have access to great tutors regardless of background

Small group tuition is one of the most effective forms of education, yet it remains one of the most expensive. The Tutorfair Foundation aims to make this amazing resource available to as many students as possible.

The Foundation is a charity funded by private donations and contributions from the clients of Tutorfair, London’s leading tutoring marketplace.

“Put simply, it is neither ‘unethical’ for those who can afford to pay for private tuition to receive it, nor ‘ethical’ for those who can't to go without"

Dr Philip Kirby, The Sutton Trust

We work with schools, selected for having low income catchment areas and an inspiring vision. The class teachers select the students who’ll benefit most, and our tutors go into the schools to help those pupils.

We are staffed by our ever-growing team of volunteers who generously give their time to help students reach their full potential. All our tutors receive support and mentoring through a series of workshops, often in partnership with the Access Project and teaching experts at Teach First.  These combine to help support our tutors and equip them to volunteer with us.

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